‘The Block’ in slow motion…

I’ve been joking that my life at the moment is like being on “The Block”, just in slow motion. Apparently you can’t build an entire house in 12 weeks?! Weird.

Anyway my blog hiatus, has turned into an everyday life hiatus, where I am completely distracted from most things that don’t require my immediate attention. Of course the Toddler takes up 95% of my time and attention and all my remaining minutes seem to be devoted to the house. Picking carpet, tiles, lights, concrete render colours, blinds, yelling at suppliers that haven’t delivered what they were meant to deliver, deciding if I’m happy if a wall moves 30mm to the left or right, or how high I’d like door handles positioned, or what level I’d like retaining walls built. You catch my drift. Suffice to say I’ve been drowning in the minutiae of late and I’m just trying to find a final burst of energy to push through to the end and keep my sanity.

Somewhere amongst all of the ‘to do’ items I also have to keep the household running smoothly and make sure everyone’s fed, clean and happy. As a result we’ve been eating a fair bit of spaghetti because at the end of the day that’s all my energy levels can muster.

So I apologise if I’m being a crappy friend at the moment due to the fact I have a fair few balls in the air, some of which seem to whack me in the face on occasion. “Doing it all” is never possible and it aways means that you do a few things poorly.

Right now though I have to go and read “Where is the Green Sheep?” to the Toddler who is awake from her nap. Because to be brutal, she doesn’t give a shit what colour curtains I pick, she just cares that I play blocks, sing songs and colour in with her. So today those things will shoot to the top of my ‘to do’ list and the rest can squeeze in wherever.

Looks like it’s spaghetti again for dinner.




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