Soba Noodle Salad

This simple salad is a wonderful accompaniment to my Pork Dumplings recipe, or you could add some poached chicken to it and make it a meal all on its own. It’s great for summer nights and it makes an easy leftovers lunch the next day. It also makes a great salad to take to a BBQ for something a bit different.

(The veggies/salad in this is by no means prescriptive. I often just use whatever is on hand in the fridge so feel free to be creative!)


1 Carrot, peeled and sliced

1 Medium Cucumber, sliced

1 Avocado, sliced into strips

1 Red Capsicum, sliced into strips

180g Soba Noodles (you could also use Udon noodles if you prefer)


2 tbs teriyaki sauce

1 tbs soy sauce

2-3 drops sesame oil

½ cup freshly chopped coriander

Freshly cracked pepper


Cook noodles according to packet instructions.

Combine cooked noodles and vegetables together in a bowl.

Combine dressing ingredients and drizzle over the salad. Gently stir through to coat.






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